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Picture Day Highlights

3x3 grid layout of high schoolers for picture day
3x3 grid layout of high schoolers for picture day

Sports Highlights

  • Soccer girls laying down in a circle hoilding hands
  • High school girls team standing on bleachers holding basketballs
  • A woman's soccer team all standing behind one player
  • Two cheerleaders sitting on their stomachs looking at the camera
  • High school baseball team
  • Girl with broken wrist holding a basketball
  • high school soccer team jumping in the air
  • High School baseball headshot
  • Girls soccer team photo
  • Soccer Tackle
  • Team on bleachers with a bunch of basketballs bouncing in front of them
  • Cheerleader in scorpion pose
  • Three basketball girls being silly with a ball
  • Mens soccer team photo
  • Cheerleaders together
  • Women's basketball photo
  • Single sports head shot with basketball
  • Savio head cheerleder
  • Basketball team jumping in the air in sync
  • Cheerleaders with ribbons
  • Girls soccer in action
  • Cheerleader posing on a field
  • Cheerleader Team photo
  • Basketball girls team leaning against a wall with arms crossed
  • Silly team cheer leading photo
  • Girl dribbling on a soccer field during a game
  • four cheer girls jump off bleachers
  • Cheer teammates posing
  • Girls piggy back riding for a photot
  • Cheer teammates sitting next to each other on a field
  • Girl dribbling towards the goal
  • Teammates piggy back riding
  • Headshot of cheerleader
  • Savio Softball State Champions
  • Girls back to back in double o seven pose


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